Don't buy the ATT iPad

Do not buy the ATT version of the new iPad.

Yes, it’s gorgeous, it’s fast and the Apple fanboys will drool, but it has a slight flaw.


Yes, once again ATT has had Apple cripple the iPad, removing a useful feature.

Unlocked iPhone 4S? Kind of

The new iPhone 4S has been announced, and it is a world phone. It’s also available in an unlocked version, which normally means it can be used on any compatible carrier.

But not so fast. Many US customers prefer Verizon for its U.S. network and Verizon phones typically don’t work overseas. Yes, there are some “world phones,” but they are limited to the usages of Verizon’s contracts. Many of us had hoped that the new iPhone would allow us to sidestep those restrictions.

Alas, that appears to not be the case.