iPhone Battery Life

Smartphone battery life is like the weather: Everybody complains about it.

Scotty Loveless, formerly one of the Apple Geniuses, has done something about it. He put together the best list I’ve seen on how to maximize the battery life.

IOS 7 update: Don't leap yet

The next big upgrade to the iPhone/iPad operating system, IOS 7, on Wednesday, Sept. 18. Although I plan to blithely upgrade my IOS devices, this is a case of do as I say, not do as I do. Read More...

Don't buy the ATT iPad

Do not buy the ATT version of the new iPad.

Yes, it’s gorgeous, it’s fast and the Apple fanboys will drool, but it has a slight flaw.


Yes, once again ATT has had Apple cripple the iPad, removing a useful feature.