Finally, Quicken for Mac works

Intuit has released a second update for Quicken 2007 for the Macintosh. This update appears to have solved the bugs in the version of Quicken 2007 for Lion.

If you have been waiting to install Lion because you needed the features in Quicken, it is now safe to do so.

Intuit not ready for prime time

Intuit’s update to make Quicken 2007 compatible with Lion isn’t quite ready for it’s closeup with reality.

The message boards are full of people who have spent the $15 for the upgrade only to have the program crash when it starts.

Rumors are that a fix will come soon, but if you depend on Quicken 2007, stay away from Lion.

FYI, Quickbooks II

This past summer, I warned of the number of programs that would not work with Apple’s newest operating system, Lion.
In there, I said “no version of Quickbooks for Mac is compatible with OS X (10.8).”

In the intervening months, Intuit has shipped Quickbooks for Mac 2012. That version is compatible with 10.8, more commonly known as “Lion.”

Intuit drops ball

Add Quickbooks for Mac to the list of programs that won’t run on the forthcoming version of Lion, the latest operating system for Apple computers,

Intuit announced this week that no version of Quickbooks for Mac is compatible with OS X (10.8).

The only Intuit product known to be completely compatible is the wimpy Quicken Essentials for Mac.

Mauled by Lion

Mac users who have stuck with Quicken 2007 are about to get mauled.

If you use Quicken 2007, run a Mac and plan to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system when it is released this month, export your Quicken data now.

The next release of Apple’s OS X operating system will scrap the Rosetta environment necessary to run programs designed for the older PowerPC-based computers on modern Intel-based Macs.