Saying goodbye to PowerPC apps and hello to Lion

Several months ago we talked about checking your running applications to ensure they would work with Lion, OS X 10.7, which no longer supports applications written for the older PowerPC processors.

That’s fine for the day-to-day applications you run all the time, but what about the programs you use once a blue moon? Well there’s a simple way to check those, too.

Finally, Quicken for Mac works

Intuit has released a second update for Quicken 2007 for the Macintosh. This update appears to have solved the bugs in the version of Quicken 2007 for Lion.

If you have been waiting to install Lion because you needed the features in Quicken, it is now safe to do so.

FYI, Quickbooks II

This past summer, I warned of the number of programs that would not work with Apple’s newest operating system, Lion.
In there, I said “no version of Quickbooks for Mac is compatible with OS X (10.8).”

In the intervening months, Intuit has shipped Quickbooks for Mac 2012. That version is compatible with 10.8, more commonly known as “Lion.”