IOS 7 update: Don't leap yet

The next big upgrade to the iPhone/iPad operating system, IOS 7, on Wednesday, Sept. 18. Although I plan to blithely upgrade my IOS devices, this is a case of do as I say, not do as I do. Read More...

Why I don't shop at Best Buy

I don’t normally shop at Best Buy. Over the years, I have found Best Buy’s prices to be suboptimal and the sales staff to be ill informed. A while back, New York’s attorney general sued the company for having two websites with different prices. Read More...

Cloud computing

It’s impossible to be buzzword compliant unless you throw around terms such as cloud computing and ... Read More...

Don't buy the ATT iPad

Do not buy the ATT version of the new iPad.

Yes, it’s gorgeous, it’s fast and the Apple fanboys will drool, but it has a slight flaw.


Yes, once again ATT has had Apple cripple the iPad, removing a useful feature.

MobileMe and iCloud

If you use Apple’s MobileMe services -- for Windows or the Macintosh -- do not blithely switch over to iCloud.

MobileMe is going away shortly and you are going to be forced into the move, but it is not always a smooth process.

Don’t end up like my client in Prague who lost all access to her email because she didn’t read the warnings.

Intuit drops ball

Add Quickbooks for Mac to the list of programs that won’t run on the forthcoming version of Lion, the latest operating system for Apple computers,

Intuit announced this week that no version of Quickbooks for Mac is compatible with OS X (10.8).

The only Intuit product known to be completely compatible is the wimpy Quicken Essentials for Mac.

Mauled by Lion (Part II)

Will my software work?

I’ve had a number of questions about what software will / won’t work with the new Apple operating system, due out shortly.

If it uses PowerPC code, it won’t run. If it doesn’t use PowerPC code, it might run. Only your software vendor can tell for sure.

To tell if a program uses PowerPC code,

Mauled by Lion

Mac users who have stuck with Quicken 2007 are about to get mauled.

If you use Quicken 2007, run a Mac and plan to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system when it is released this month, export your Quicken data now.

The next release of Apple’s OS X operating system will scrap the Rosetta environment necessary to run programs designed for the older PowerPC-based computers on modern Intel-based Macs.


The end is here!

The end is here! The end is here!

No, not that and, the end of support for your computer and its operating systems.

On July 13, 2010, Microsoft announced that Windows XP needed at least Service Pack 3 installed or it would not be supported. With SP3 installed, you can eke out another year of support. Support for Windows 2000 and Vista computers running Service Pack 1 or earlier also ended on July 13. Read More...