The future isn’t what you were told it would be. Modern buildings, fancy infrastructure and people with jet packs aren’t the norm. We live in an era of rapidly expanding communications and computing needs grafted onto systems from the past decade and buildings and business models from the past century.
We will sit with your management, operations and information technology teams to help determine a way to merge newer technologies with old, without blithely tossing out what already works for you.

Computer degunking

First, you probably don’t have a virus. Really. Modern computer systems with decent anti-virus programs don’t easily get infected. (Look here) A more common cause of sluggish computing is the plethora of toolbars added to Web browsers, superfluous startup programs and the scads of unnecessary things added to the computer while installing mandatory updates.
We clean out the detritus left behind by the deleted programs, system crashes and all the other things that make your computing experience suboptimal. As always, our basic fee is $130 per hour. A basic debunking takes about two hours, but the maximum fee will be $260 even if the job runs longer.

Virus / Spyware removal

This used to be a significant part of our business but thankfully no longer is. That said, we still run across computers that have a virus problem and nowadays they can be somewhat intractable. Windows computers can take two or more hours to clean. As always, our basic fee is $130 per hour, but the maximum fee for virus / spyware removal is $260. If we need to purchase an anti-virus program for a computer, that cost will be added to your invoice. Yes, Macs can get viruses, but you have to work at it. If you’re having a problem with a Mac, it is unlikely that a virus is the cause.


The days of a standalone computer are over. Even a one-person office can have multiple networked devices that need to share information. Let us set up your network so you can make better use of your time and resources. We work with wired and wireless connections, DSL, fiber, cable or whatever else you may need. If an electrician is needed to pull wires, we can work with yours or recommend a licensed electrician that we routinely use.


We install your new computers, printers and peripherals, ensuring that everything is properly connected, the software is properly registered and everything works properly. This process takes about three hours and costs $300. If we need to make recovery disks, there will be a fee for that, and if we need to move files from your old computer, there may be additional fees.

Data recovery / backup

OnTrack Data Recovery
We know your data is important, often far more valuable than the computer itself. When you’re having a meltdown because the computer is fried, give us a call. We can handle many recoveries in-house and have partnered with Ontrack Data Recovery for those very special cases.

Purchase decisions

Cash on the line
When it comes time to buy new computer equipment, talk to us. We can help keep your costs in line, making recommendations tailored to your requirements. We don’t build computers and have no vested interest in any particular brand or model so we can recommend things that will do the job and save you money.