It Can Wait / No Texts

Longtime customers sometimes ask me why I don't respond to text messages. I'm not trying to be rude (really!) but I long ago disabled text messaging. Now I'm even more glad I did. 

See this story? . The dead woman is my niece.

The sweetest girl you could know. She got a text message, glanced down at the phone, lost control of the car and died.

She wasn't speeding, it was a gorgeous day, traffic was almost nonexistent and now she's dead. She wasn't even responding, they think, just looking to see who texted her. 

My published phone numbers are not actually phones, but go to computers that then forward calls to whichever phone I happen to be testing or using that day.

I could get text messages but choose to have them directed to a spam folder that I sometimes peruse.

Not once have I seen a message that couldn't have been handled as well, or better, by an email or an actual phone call. (Ask me about the 5 a.m. text about a non-functioning mouse and the irate 5:15 a.m. followup complaining that I hadn't responded. It was a wireless mouse the client had turned off the night before and never turned it back on.)

Never has there been a message worth dying over. 

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