What's the rush?

Windows 10 was released to the public this past Wednesday.

It looks nice, is more secure than Vista, Win7 or Win8, and does away with some of the oddities of Windows 8.

But there is no reason to rush to put it on your computer. Microsoft is making it available as a free upgrade for people running Windows 7 and Windows 8, as long as you download and install it within a year.

I'm telling my customers to hold off a few weeks and let the early adopters find out if there are any major problems. So far, I haven't heard of anything.

The only people who may want to rush into Windows 10 are students heading back to college with new computers. Other students should check with the IT staff at their schools to see if required apps will work properly. The new Microsoft Web browser, Edge, has problems with some sites with high security requirements, though Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome should work well.